Kasey: I’ll Come Straight from the Airport to Entertain Fans

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Published on May 17, 2010 with 1 Comment

No supporter of any club Kasey Keller has ever played for has ever been in any doubt as to his 100% commitment from kick off to final whistle.

After all, you don’t become a legend in Mönchengladbach merely for singing a song about Cologne’s most famous landmark (although it helps).

Kasey Applauds the Fans after a Victory
Rick Morrison

And whereas saving a penalty that puts Millwall into the next round of the FA Cup rather than Chelsea in a fierce London derby probably does make you a legend in that corner of South East London, Kasey Keller has always been something even more than the guy who when he commits, he commits totally.

When we first asked Kasey to appear on our Q&A panel, he agreed readily and said he would make it work no matter what the date. When the Sunday May 30th date was chosen, all parties were under the impression that the Sounders players would be returning from the MLS match in Colorado against the Rapids on Saturday, the night before.

However plans change, and event compere Matt Gaschk was alert and on the ball immediately he saw the Sounders travel schedule. He confirmed to us that the side wasn’t due back in Seattle till 2.50pm on the Sunday.

Kasey’s marketing company talked to him and asked him if he had received the schedule. He hadn’t seen it and wasn’t yet aware of the potential conflict.

So they asked him whether he wanted to pull out or ask if the fans’ event could be rescheduled. They loved his reaction.

Oh I’ll just go straight from the airport if I have to.

They told us:

“Nobody would have blamed Kasey at all for choosing either option. I mean, he doesn’t know how well or badly the team will do the day before. He doesn’t care,  the praise, the criticism and the questions, he’ll field it all because he genuinely cares about the fans.”

Kasey Leads by Example
Rick Morrison

Once Kasey had given the lead, the remaining panelists showed they were made of the same stuff.

“Whether I go to Colorado or not, I’ll be there on time,” Sounders VP of Operations, Gary Wright said.

Arlo White showed he still had that fan’s respect for the man who kept goal for his beloved Leicester City when he said:

“You can put my name down for this.  I believe it’s the day after the Colorado road match, but if Kasey is back, than I’m sure I’ll be back too!”

Matt Gaschk whose immediate alertness to the situation probably saved the day made the same offer.

The party takes place at the Elysian Fields pub next to Qwest. Doors open at 1pm, and the Q&A will start when Kasey gets there obviously! But there will be plenty else going on at the event.

There will be free food for those arriving by 2.30pm, free ice cream all day, and free neck and shoulder massages for all, probably very handy for those just off a long flight.

Tickets are $16 online, but are also available too at the Elysian Fields bar itself and the George & Dragon in Fremont.

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  1. See you there Steve, it’ll be a great event

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