Uli Delighted to Feed “Fussball” Fans Again

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Published on May 03, 2010 with 1 Comment

There are two things about Uli Lengenberg he’d like you to know first. He makes great sausages and he is a big soccer fan.

Uli’s larger than life presence can often be seen around two of Seattle’s most prominent landmarks, Pike Place Market and Qwest Field. Uli’s Famous Sausage stall at Pike Place is nearly as a iconic a presence at Pike Place as the famous fish stall 30 yards away. A wide range of flavoured sausages, many are from around the World, are available there.

Less well known perhaps is Uli’s love of football. Sprich “Fussball”.

“Of course, I was born and brought up with the game. The arrival of MLS made it more prominent but even before that I always took any chance the business would allow to watch a live game.”

It was no surprise therefore to see Uli wish to get involved in an event put on by Prost Amerika.

“Of course, I knew about Prost Amerika from the early days when it covered sports and the arts for the German speaking community. As it evolved into a mostly soccer site written from a European angle, it was a natural venture for me to want to support.”

Uli provided the food at Prost Amerika’s last Soccer Party and it was so popular people were going back for two and three. Uli remembers it with a smile.

“Yeah, it was great to see the food being so popular. The party was great, especially to see award winning chefs provide that little something extra. This time we’ll try and make sure everybody gets some, even the panel.”

Prost Amerika’s soccer event is on May 30th at the Elysian Fields, from 1-5pm. All those arriving by 2pm will receive free food.
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Kasey Keller to Headline Event

Gary Wright MLS Executive of the Year 2009

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  1. ive worked in a german sausage factory in milwaukee so i have some wurst experience, uli makes the absolute best bratwurst and mild italian i have ever had, hands down

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