Bobby McMahon: ‘USA Will Go Through’


bobby-mcmahonmedium In an exclusive interview with Prost Amerika, Fox Soccer Channel Senior Analyst Bobby McMahon confidently predicted early success for Bob Bradley’s boys in their Group C encounters with England, Algeria and Slovenia.

Listen to the PA World Cup Special with Bobby McMahon (37.30)

Bobby once more displayed the incredible depth of his knowledge as he ran through the qualification chances of all 32 teams with a special focus on the southern neighbours of his adopted country and his native one. Bobby explains which he thinks is the legendary group of death, before picking a surprise European qualifier from an early group. As well as a great analysis of the USA’s three foes, Bobby is brave enough to predict who will emerge from all eight groups and why.

Bobby McMahon can be seen with Jeremy St Louis on the Fox Soccer Report Monday to Friday at 7pm and 8am the following morning (Central Time).

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