End of the Seattle Wolves

One Last Time

One Last Time

The Seattle Wolves are no more. Effective immediately, all club operations have been transfered to the Crossfire Premier Soccer Club label.

Based in Redmond, Crossfire is Washington State’s only Nike Premier Club. The Seattle Wolves have bridged the gap between premier amateur footballers and top-flight professionals since the club’s inception in 2002. The club has grown from its origins as a recreational side by rising through the lower divisions of American soccer to achieve ascendancy in the United Soccer Leagues.

When asked about the club’s transition to Crossfire, Seattle General Manager Andrew Opatkiewicz stated, “we are thrilled with this decision. Crossfire mirrors our own ambitions to truly develop the game from the ground up in this country, so in many ways becoming one with Crossfire is a natural progression. Crossfire was a valuable partner to the Seattle Wolves FC in 2009, and now that the two organizations are united, the implications of this relationship will only strengthen our prospects on the pitch. The Crossfire players made an immense impact on our side in 2009, and I look forward to seeing these athletes train in the offseason along with other Crossfire additions.”

One of the most obvious and immediate effects of the takeover will be the end of the Seattle Wolves name. The club will now play as the Washington Crossfire, and the team will operate out of Crossfire Premier’s 60 Acres campus. As of yet, no definitive statement has been issued about the venue for their home games.

Caught in the Crossfire. 2009 Wolves Players Training but What Happens Next?

Caught in the Crossfire. 2009 Wolves Players Training but What Happens Next?



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  2. cross fire is a good club with quality coaches at all levels. Let them see if they shine as the feeder club for the SoundersFC. What is done is done. Support or drink heavily!

  3. Agreed, best logo around…

    I’ll be sad to see it go, I was attracted to them at first by that logo. I wish them well, though I’m not sure I’ll remember to watch for them. Crossfire is a forgettable name really.