Bad News for Graham as Broken Bone Revealed


Centre-Half on Crutches in Argentina

February 25

Tough Guys Take Tough Knocks

Tough Guys Take Tough Knocks

Popular centre-half Taylor Graham had some bad news when he visited the doctor. The foot injury he had been carrying is more than the bruising and swelling that had been detected. A bone is broken and Taylor will be out of action for an, as yet, unknown period. Luckily, if we can use that word loosely, it’s a clean break and no bone fragments are apparent.

He is hobbling about on crutches in Argentina with the squad and using the down time to get to know the rest of the squad. He may well be keeping an eye on the form of Jhon Kennedy Hurtado the Argentinean centre-half who is joining the squad on their arrival.

The middle of the defence is one area where the Sounders seem relatively strong with Graham, Hurtado, Tyson Wahl, Tyrone Marshall and perhaps Patrick Ianni all competing for the position.

Nevertheless, Taylor has his uses. As one of the Spanish speakers in the squad his services as an interpreter have been much in demand to help Fredy Montero communicate with the coaching staff and team mates. Kasey Keller had been asked to do it but having learned his Spanish in Europe, said ruefully, “Fredy’s Colombian Spanish is tough. He uses a lot of slang.”

Graham is seeing the medics today and all Sounders fans will have their fingers crossed that the news is good.


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