Thank You But not Goodbye


Danny Jackson Thanks Sounders Fans and the People of Seattle

February 24

Former Seattle Sounder captain Danny Jackson is understandably disappointed not to be jetting off to Argentina with the rest of the MLS squad today, but that doesn’t mean he is looking inwardly or thinking only of himself.

So he did something very unusual. He asked us if he could use Prost Amerika to send a message of thanks to Sounders fans and the people of Seattle. In a moment of profound disappointment, not many would have thought of that. But Danny did. His words need no interruption from us, and as befits a man who is a published author in his own right, they express his feelings perfectly:

“I wanted to take the opportunity to thank the entire base of Seattle Sounders supporters for their support over the past six years. It has been a wonderful experience, both on and off the field, and I will treasure those memories for many years to come. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to represent and captain such a storied club, fortunate to have played with so many good players and good friends, and lucky to have been involved in such a stable environment.”

The Bluest Skies are in Seattle for Danny

Jackson Lifts the 2007 USL Trophy<br><i>Photo: Jenni Connor GOALSeattle</i>
Jackson Lifts the 2007 USL Trophy
Photos: Jenni Conner GOALSeattle

These are not empty words either. Danny is happy to stay in Seattle and wants to continue working in soccer, as he’s learned to call it. He’s working on avenues both on and off the field, in coaching and business roles connected to soccer. He has established a home and feels part of the local community. He’s getting married in November to a local girl, Brianne Pietromonaco. Brianne has a large, extended family in the Pacific Northwest and Danny adds that he has made some great friends also, and feels very settled.

His love for Seattle is matched by his love for the game, and he wants to continue working in soccer.

“I am talking to people, seeking out opportunities, and finding something where I can invest my energy. I had a love and dedication to playing soccer, and now I intend to redirect those traits in a different field. I launched a company several years ago, and have been working and continue to work on this personal project that will help the local and national soccer landscape.”

Danny Still Has Many Friends in the Area<br><i>Photo: Jenni Connor GOALSeattle</i>

Danny Still Has Many Friends in the Area

Danny was shy about discussing details about the project at this point, because he didn’t want to shift the focus from the expressions of gratitude which was his main thought as he spoke to us. We do hope to bring you more details though as things develop.

Schmetzer and Hanauer Praised Too

Brian Schmetzer for whom Danny played for many years pointed out, when the news came out that Danny wouldn’t make the cut, that his character was one of his strongest assets. Despite the tough decision that had to be made, Jackson’s affection and gratitude for Schmetzer remains.

“I want to thank Brian Schmetzer for giving me a chance to play in Seattle, and the entire coaching staff over the years for all their guidance both on and off the field. I want to thank Adrian Hanauer for being a wonderful owner to work for. He has a true love for the game and a dedication to soccer that has touched so many people. I am excited for the next step in my life. I certainly believe in the adage that when one door closes another door opens. I look forward to investing my time and dedicating my energy in a new challenge, providing me a new focus.”

Danny will be there on March 19th and his support will be as passionate as his play was for the cause. Naturally, he will be keeping a special eye on his colleagues of last season, Chris Eylander, centre-half partner Taylor Graham, Sanna Nyassi and Seb Le Toux. But it is only fitting that we let Jackson say it in his own way:

“Thank you to everybody for your kind words. I will be forever a Seattle Sounder supporter, and I am as excited as everybody else for the beginning of this new chapter in Seattle soccer history.”


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