Portland Pilots v Sounders FC (Live Blog)


blog-photo5.49 Hello and welcome to Merlo Field. Prost Amerika has arrived in the pressbox and we are going to open comments to our readers for the first time ever in our history. Also tonight, it’s our first look at Sounders FC and we can’t wait to give you our impressions of Fredy Montero, Steve Zakuani and co.

History is being made tonight as Sounders FC makes its first ever appearance in the Pacific Northwest. Several Sounders players are already warming up on the pitch. It’s dry here and the Chiles Centre dome faces across from us.

6.04 I have just been joined by Senor Jose Romero of the Seattle Times who will be blogging as well. We’ll have his URl up here so you can check it out.

6.06 Sounders full squad warming up. It’s about 45 degrees here. We’ve been given a blue sandwich voucher. Matt Gaschk has arrived from Sounders FC.

6.16 Game rosters are out but no starting line-ups. Everybody has made the trip. Fredy Montero just took a biff on the nose.

6.19 No news about cuts or staring eleven yet. Haven’t seen the ECS but the Timbers Army are here in increasing number behind the left hand goal.

6.21 Michael Fucito is here. Please also visit Matt Gaschk’s Official blog.

6.28 Line up – first half: Keller, Brown, Ianni, Wahl, Scott, Nyassi, King, Theobald, Jaqua, Caugherty, Clark.

6.31 Substitutes line up is everybody else!

6.37 Darkness sets in on Northern Oregon and there are 400 folk in already with more streaming in.

6.41 A mix of UP purple scarves, green Portland Timbers but no sign of the Sounders fans. Still 20 minutes drinking time to go?

6.43 The UP drumming band has arrived. About 20 of them trombones and drums. Nice wrok from the Villa Drum squad, named after one of the dorms. They are resplendent in kilts.

6.48 Crowd at 800 now, and it seems only the starting players are on pitch. UP’s next match is against the Timbers here. Quelle Irony!

6.51 8 minutes till scheduled kick off and it’s lovely night for football. We have the UP team: Guerrero, Chrostek, Kawulok, Lopez, Nielsen, Warner, Emory, Kraus, Rouse, Davidovic, Van Schaik. UP will wear white and purple trimmed shirts and white shorts, and Sounders FC will be be in their all green.

6.53 A big thank you to all of you looking in. Thank you for choosing Prost Amerika. Thank you to Kara for being my eyes and ears tonight too.

6.57 Referees all dressed in yellow are on and here come my Sounders. Kasey Keller in a Sounders uniform captains the side. We lose the coin toss but this is my first look at Sounders Fc. Awesome. Keller gets a lovelty announcement and round of applause. ECS are here.

7.00 anthem

7.05 Up kick off and ball ends up with Keller King shoots after a scramble and Guerrero makes his first save.

2 mins: Sfc left wing corner from Evan Brown. Scott unable to guide the header on goal.

3.19 GOAL Sanna Nyassi on the overlap, Jaqua wins the header and beats Guerrero low to the keeper’s right 1-0 Sounders

7 mins: Nyassi looks very powerful on right side of MF. They were practising overlaps in training Thursday. Sounders playing 442. from l-r defence, Scott, Wahl, Ianni, Brown, mid Caugherty, Theobald, King, Nyassi with Theobald being a more defensive midfielder.

Jaqua and Clark front two.

11. Lopez fires in and Keller is called into action for first time as he collects cleanly.

13. Nyassi has a good leap for a little guy, gets good height. FK SFC on right. Tyson Wahl to take. left footed but too far.

16. Lovely turn by Collen Warner beats a defender but his pass is wasted

Thobald playing the old Leighton O’Brien role dropping back to pick up the ball off the back four.

17. Clark is playing more of a target man. He’s 5’11” and 155 pounds

19. Wahl floats in corner from right, Caugherty heads wide.

Theobald seems to be plaing defensive center mid. He’s doing a lotg of pointing and shouting. orchestrating the direction of the ball out of theback four.

21. Caugherty, left side mid. lacks pace of Nyassi so far. yet to see what he can do. Hasn’t seen much of the ball so far.

23. Clark draws foul on right. Brown to take set piece on left side but with right. He has some curve but again the ball is kicked too hard.

26. Nyassi and Brown linking well on right. Good off the ball movement. Wahl is also making himself available.

27. A left side Wahl free kick is headed by a defender and lollipops into the goalie’s arms.

30 – corner on right to Sounders. Wahl again to take. Headed out for another corner.

32. GOAL. Ianni heads second corner against the bar and Clark nods in the rebound. 2-0

A big hello to our friend in an internet cafe in Beijing. Thank you for joining us.

33. Defence is having a quiet night. Wahl has looked good taking set pieces. But at 6′ 2″ on quite a short roster, one wonders if he might be more use inside the box.

Scott doesn’t look out of place. Jaqua is going off and on comes Roger Levesque.

38. It’s eight shots to one for the Sounders.

39 Thank you Joe for those kind words. A right sided FK to SFC, just inside the UP half. Again Sounders fail to win loose ball in penalty area. Substitute for UP Daniel Polanco replaces Frankie Lopez.

41. King makes room for himself on edge of penalty box but fires over the bar with his left foot.

42. Atmosphere is rowdy but not boisterous. 90 TA fans behind Guerrero’s goal are noisy

45. Roger gets on the end of a Nyassi cross but good pressure by defender stops him directing it. Half time whistle goes.

Atmosphere is not in any way hostile. Everyone behaving and Nyassi and Brown looking among the best Sounders.

Been for a walk in the crowd. Good mix of Sounders fans sprinkled in. Many thanks to our hosts at UP who have been wonderful.

Second Half

Le toux in for Nyassi, Eylander for Keller, Forrest in for King.

49. Pictures coming soon. Roger is fouled but UP clear

59. Roger working hard but no clear chances.

60. Almost all the Sounders subs seem ready to come on. Le toux burrowing in down the right but rides only the first tackle. Wholesale changes as eight go off and go on. Arriving are Alonso, Riley, Montero, Sturgiss, Zakuani, Evans, Graham and Marshall are now on.

63. UP score as a shot from ten yards beats Eylander’s right hand. Logan Emory is the scorer.

65. Fredy Montero tries an ambitious volley but it loops over the bar.

67/ Montero beats a defender easily and slides the ball just wide of the right hand post. Jose Romero nearly jumps for joy. He likes Fredy and says his accent is easier to understand than Osvaldo Alonso’s Cuban.

70. PENALTY. Zakuani beats the whole UP side, reaches the touch lines, returns and drawas a foul from th ekeeper, who is booked.

71 GOAL. Montero blasts the penalty right down the middle. 3-1 for Seattle.

72. Le Toux and Levesque working well. Sturgiss left foot free kick from right and Graham heads towards goal. Good save by Austin Guerrero.

74. Jaran van Schaik runs uncontested into Sounders box but fires wide. Substitute Patrick Journey on for Polanco, and Brian Irwine for Michael Nielson, Krause for Davidovic.

75. GOAL 4-1 as Graham’s header is knocked in by Brad Evans.

78. Zakuani has pace and feeds Le Toux who switches onto his left foot but fires over.

79. Le Toux looks pacier than last year at attcking right midfield.

80. Montero is buzzing around the UP box. UP subs Chrostek and Bayan in.

87. Sounders playing possession football but the clock is king now as the team plans for Vancouver Caps on Sunday.

88. Roger makes space but fires straight at the keeper.

Whistle sounds for the end of match play.

Interviews with players to follow.



  1. There are a few guys in the SSFC line up that need to make an impression. They need to step up tonight.
    There are also around 7 that are MLS starting quality.
    This should be interesting.

  2. I wonder how many goals seattle will have before the first half is over. It’ll be pretty ugly if it was similar to the game where seattle goes 5 in the first half.

  3. In regards to score, I’d say a win’s a win. Although I’d love to see a shutout, given our recent defensive concerns. Great updates so far. Best I’ve seen of the three I’m following. Thank you Prost!

  4. Thanks for doing the live game cast. Good to see the boys in rave green are sharp. I’m actually in Zhenjiang (next to Nanjing), but thanks for the shout out!

  5. Can we get a general ‘atmosphere’ update at half? Sorry to ask, but it’s a killer to not be there…

  6. Hey guys! Photos are coming soon, but to keep you tuned in here are the first half stats:

    Sea: 9
    UP: 1

    Sea: 3
    UP: 0

    Sea: 1
    UP: 2

    Sea: 1
    UP: 7

  7. Roger is working really hard out there, running around like a banshee and is finding some great plays with his old companion, Sebastien Le Toux

  8. The lasted Sounders player signing which is a CB defender will join seattle on their next road trip.

  9. Monterooo es en fuego! Way Oh! Way Oh! Way Oooohhhhh!
    Monterooo es en fuego! Way Oh! Way Oh! Way Oooohhhhh!
    Monterooo es en fuego! Way Oh! Way Oh! Way Oooohhhhh!

  10. LOL@this from seattlefc.com game blog

    84 – Montero is toying with the defense with the ball at his feet … they are sending guys at him in bunches and he doesn’t even flinch.

  11. When its us, versus them, you can always count on me.

    When its us, versus them, its a Sounders Unity.

  12. Good to see the Sounders working well together. As for the home opener ECS Capo, I’m afraid I won’t be able to watch it live. Anyway, thanks again Prost Amerika, your site rocks!

  13. i asked Romero regarding any more cuts. He reposed no further roster cuts announced immediately after the game.

  14. Okay Romemo updated us on vinni and he is no longer with the team. He also said he was never given a guaranteed a spot but only a camp spot. Bojang didn’t make the trip to portland but Romemo isn’t sure if Bojang is still on the roster.

  15. We’re back now. Thanks to all of you who wrote in and contributed to a very enjoyable evening down there.

    Your support is appreciated.